SBWeather: WX200 Weather Monitor Software


(C) Scott M. Baker

The current version is 1.1, released 4/17/98 !

(note: ver 1.1 fixes the "class not registered" error present in version 1.0)

the 32bit version! Download the 32-bit version [SBLM7811.ZIP] (Windows 95/NT)

Register online with Visa/Mastercard/AmEx.

the documentation! Read the Online Documentation! [LM78.HTML]
Screen shots of SBLM78 in action! [SHOTS.HTML]

What does it do?

SBLM78 reads statistical data from the LM78 chip on motherboards that have one. This includes temperature, voltage, and fan RPM data. Information is displayed in a graphical format with gauges, strip charts, etc.

What motherboards is it compatible with?

I've only tested it on a SuperMicro P6DLS, but it should be compatible with most modern (1997 and older) motherboards.


I am not affiliated with the people who make the LM78, or the people who make motherboards using the LM78. Use this program at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damages occurring through use of this software.


SuperMicro LM78 System Monitor Temperate Voltage RPM Fan LM-78 National Semiconductor

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