SB Sat

(C) Scott M. Baker

The current version is 1.0, released 1/6/98 !

This software should be considered BETA .... very BETA!

the 32bit version! Download the 32-bit version [SBSAT10.ZIP] (Windows 95/NT)

Register online with Visa/Mastercard/AmEx.

the documentation! Read the Online Documentation! [SBSAT.HTML]
Screen shots of SBSat in action! [SHOTS.HTML]

What does it do?

SBSat is designed to serve several purposes:

  1. LX200 Satellite tracking.
  2. Emulation of the LX200 hand controller on your computer
  3. Remote operation of the LX200 via TCP/IP network connection.

How well has it been tested?

This should be considered a work in progress. I've only been developing it for a short while and small bugs may be present. Please report them to me at .


Meade LX200 LX-200 Telescope Astronomy Satellite Tracking Remote Control

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