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The current version is 1.3, released 6/20/97 !

the 32bit version! Download the 32-bit version [SBSLOT13.ZIP] (Windows 95)

Download Slot Pack #1! Additional slot machine package [SLTPAK13.ZIP]. This is a package of additional slot machines and requires SBSLOTxx.ZIP.

the documentation! Read the Online Documentation! [SLOT.HTML]
Double Diamond Deluxe Slot Machine [sbslot1.gif]
Golden Nugget Slot Machine [sbslot2.gif]
Big Bertha Slot Machine [sbslot3.gif]
Double Diamond zoomed out showing glass [sbslot4.gif]

What does it do?

SBSlot is a slot machine simulator. There are currently two programs included in the package, SlotStat which is a text-based statistical simulation, and Slot3D which is a 3D graphical game. SBSlot is intended to match as closely as possible the behaviour of real-life slot machines. The odds accurately reflect what you might find in a casino.

The 3D version (Slot3D.Exe) requires DirectX 3 support (see below) and a reasonably fast CPU (Pentium 90+)  and video card. 16-bit color or above is recommended, but it should do well in 256-color mode as well.

I must emphasize, it is important to have up-to-date drivers and the latest DirectX package. The program might not work right otherwise. If you experience any problems, then the first thing you should try is to upgrade DirectX. Note: If you do not see the credit/winnings panel to the left of the wheels (see screen shots if you aren't sure), then you are using the old DirectX and you should upgrade.

SBSLOTxx.ZIP includes 3 machines with the package. I will be placing additional machines from time to time in SLTPKxx.ZIP. To use the additional machines in SLTPKxx.ZIP, you must have downloaded the main SBSLOTxx.ZIP file.

If you need DirectX3, then click here.

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