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SBRail: Model Railroad ScreenSaver


The SBRail  Model Railroad Screen Saver has been updated! and moved!
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SBRail is a ScreenSaver for Windows-95 with DirectDraw support. Your system must have DirectDraw installed for this ScreenSaver to work. Basically, the display is a randomly generated model railroad train which scrolls horizontally across your monitor. Both passenger and freight trains are included.

The package is quite large (in excess of 2 megabytes), so be prepared for a long download. Everything is self-installing and you need only run "Setup.EXE" to get it loaded. This is my first project using Microsoft's DirectDraw, and as such might have a few glitches.

In particular, I am not sure of the quality of output on all video types. On my ATI 3D Pro Turbo, the graphics are fairly smooth with little jitter. However, on a non-accelerated video card (or one with poor DirectDraw support), output is has a lot of jitter and a low frame rate.

If you need DirectDraw/Directx, then click here.

SBSim: Model Railroad Simulator

I am working on a 3D model railroad simulation program. It requires Direct3D drivers from Microsoft (part of the DirectX 3 package). What it does is allow you to input your layout and then shows a 3D traversal, as if you were sitting on the nose of the train. It's my first Direct3D project, and as such is still a bit quirky.

I don't have a version ready yet, but will soon!

If you need DirectDraw/Directx, then click here.

DCC: Digital Command Control

I've been experimenting with DCC on my layout, using a Digitrax BigBoy system. DCC is certainly the way to go as far as controlling multiple trains is concerned. I don't have the Digitrax computer interface yet, but as soon as I get one, I'll probably write up some sort of automated control software.