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The current version is 2.0, released 11/22/00 !

Version 2.0 and newer of SB Image Explorer is a complete rewrite of the old version 1.x. The core of the program is now multithreaded and should load thumbnails much quicker than the older versions. However, with all of the new changes, there may be some bugs -- if you have any problems, please report them to email address

Downloadthe 32bit version! Download the 32-bit version [SBIMG20.ZIP] (Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000)

Readthe documentation! Read the Online Documentation! [IMAGEX.HTML]
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What does it do?

SB Image Explorer is a thumbnail image browsing utility. It's form and function is similar to the Windows-95/98 Explorer. Whereas the Windows-95 Explorer displays only a generic icon for each image, SB Image Explorer displays a thumbnail version of the file.

What special features does SB Image Explorer have?

SB Image Explorer has my other image utility, SBJV, built directly into it. Thus, it can do anything that SBJV can do, including file categorization, thumbnail viewing, catalog image generation, etc.

How well has it been tested?

The core code of this program is shared with my other image-related projects, and is very thoroughly tested. The user interfaces uses many new Win95/98 features, and is probably more susceptible to faults, but nothing of a serious nature has been reported lately. If you do experience problems, then please email me at email address.

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