All software is certified to contain No Adware, No Spyware, and No Viruses.

... download movies or music from the alt.binaries newsgroups
... download pictures from alt.binaries newsgroups
... download entire websites to my home computer
... sort through a large image collection
.. edit a save game file from my favorite game
... play some classic arcade games

All SB-Software products are free of disabled features or expirations. You may try out the full functionality of the program for an unlimited time period.




Welcome to the SB-Software website

SB-Software is a high quality shareware company that has been in business since 1986. I stand behind my products and offer only first-rate internet software and utilities.

  SBNews/Newsbot is the internet's premier tool for retrieving pictures, music, and other multimedia files from newsgroups! SBNews will go out on the internet for you, find the files you want, exclude those you don't want, and download them to your computer -- all by itself. There's no need to spend hours laboring through newsgroups with cumbersome low-tech tools like Outlook Express and manually decoding news attachments. SBNews/Newsbot finds the files, automatically decodes them and splices multi-part files together. Try it today! :)
  Android Newsgroup Downloader is the latest addition to SB-Software suite of newsreaders and newsgroup tools. Android is designed especially for downloading large files, such as movies, mp3 music, rar archives, and cd and dvd images. Android uses a drag and drop interface similar to the QuadNews Pick & Choose mode. (Note that it has absolutely nothing to do with cellphones; Android is newsgroup downloader designed for Windows desktop PCs, and the name was in use by me for many years before someone decided to use it to name an operating system).
  QuadSucker/News (or 'QuadNews') is the multithreaded counterpart to SBNews. QuadNews downloads FOUR files at the same time, and is a perfect tool for high-speed internet connections such as DSL, cable modems, broadband, etc. Quadnews features a very powerful multipart message assembly algorithm allowing it to ensure multipart messages are assembled correctly, making it the tool of choice for downloading music files (MP3, WAV, etc), applications (ZIP, RAR, etc), and -- of course -- images (GIF, JPEG, PCX, etc).
  SB-Software produces many other products as well -- including tools for downloading from websites and webcams (QuadSucker/Web, SBWcc), tools for sorting and viewing images (SortPics, SBJV), and much more -- see our products page for full information on all the current software.

The newsreaders and newsgroup downloading tools at SB-Software are usually compatible with the news server that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) supplies. If your ISP does not provide a news server, then I suggest using a service like Giganews Usenet Newsgroups. For more information on configurating see the SB-Software news server FAQ.

If you have any questions or comments about any software on this website, feel free to contact me via the 'Contact' link at the top of the page. While my development time is limited lately, I do appreciate suggestions for new features and of coruse reports of any bugs that you may encounter.

If you do use one of my software programs, please do consider registering. I've worked hard to keep the registration fee low to promote accessibility of the software to a wide audience, but at the same time the fee is critical to allowing me to continue the development effort.

The SB-Software registration policy is unparalleled in the Internet community: register any sb-software product, and you get them all -- and all future versions -- for life. If you start out with one of the novice tools, you can move right into a professional tool without paying a cent. Your registration is good for life, and covers all future versions.

Do not expire
Do not contain spyware, adware, or viruses
Do not have disabled features that render the programs unusable
Are well written, bug free, and get the job done.

Arcade Games -- yes, I've recently started finding my way back into the game programming scene, with a few new arcade-style games.

Scott's Binary Clock is an binary clock for your desktop. It's good to confuse your friends so that they cannot tell the time on your PC. Best of all, it's free.

Groovy Hex Editor is a hex editor for editing binary files, such as savegames.
SortPics is an image sorting and duplicate removal tool.