All software is certified to contain No Adware, No Spyware, and No Viruses.

... download movies or music from the alt.binaries newsgroups
... download pictures from alt.binaries newsgroups
... download entire websites to my home computer
... sort through a large image collection
.. edit a save game file from my favorite game
... play some classic arcade games


All SB-Software products are free of disabled features or expirations. You may try out the full functionality of the program for an unlimited time period.




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There are two levels of support:

(unregistered users)
Basic support is for unregistered users. I will try to answer your questions as quickly as possible, but please understand that I do give preference to registered users (after all, they did pay for the software!).
(registered users)
All registered users automatically get premium support. What this means is that you get preferential treatment over unregistered users -- it's one of the perks of registering. Please include your registration code in the email so I know right up front that you're a registered user.

All support issues are handled personally by me, the author of the software. I make my best effort to handle simple questions within twenty four hours, but please understand that I may get backlogged from time to time. I do give preferential treatment to registered users, as outlined above.

I do keep a list of all user requested features -- most of the improvements made to the software originate as requests from everyday users. Adding new features does take time, and sometimes what sounds simple may in reality be quite a difficult modification. I can't promise to implement your suggestion, but I certainly consider anything that may improve the software.

One of the common support questions that I receive is to lookup an old or 'lost' registration code. The best thing that you can do is to save a hardcopy of your information so you can't lose it! However, I understand that accidents do happen, and am always willing to help. I have created an online form for you to lookup your registration information. Using the online form is simple, easy and automatic.

If you have a question about SBNews/NewsBot, then please check the SBNews FAQ. The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) contains all of the most frequently occurring problems and their solutions. There is a good chance that if you have a problem, it may be covered in this list.

When sending in a support request, please include the following information in your message:

  • Registration code, if you're a registered users.
  • Which program is it? (SBNews, SBJV, SBPop, etc)
  • What is the program version number?
  • Which version of Windows are you running (Win-3.1, Win95, Win98, NT, etc)
  • Any error messages (or status text) that may be printed when the error occurs
  • Are you able to replicate the problem reliably or does it happen randomly?
  • Is there any 'event' (i.e. change in your configuration, upgrade, etc) that might have initiated the problem?