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The beginnings of SB-Software:

SB-Software was founded in 1986 by Scott M. Baker, the current owner, operator, and programmer at SB-Software. Scott Baker was a high school student at the time, and was actively involved in the computer bulletin board scene. Bulletin boards can be thought of as a sort of predecessor to the Internet, and were a grass-roots effort to network computers for the purpose of sharing email, and playing online games.

The very first successful SB-Software program was a game called "Galactic Warzone". Galactic Warzone was a space trading game, and similar in theme to the popular "Trade Wars" games of the era. It was a text based game, but was very addictive and competing players would typically use up their full 1 hour timeslice of the game each day. Galactic Warzone was commercially viable, and sold somewhere around 1,200 registrations.

After Galactic Warzone came "Land of Devastation", or "LOD". LOD was a role playing game set in a futuristic wasteland. LOD featured EGA (and later VGA) graphics, and was one of only a handful of BBS games that included graphics. LOD featured a color scrolling map, advanced player inventory, multiple kinds of weapons and armour, and even a laptop computer that the player could run "ROMs" on. LOD was very successful, selling approximately 15,000 registersions.

Other SB-Software programs from the BBS era include SZModem (aka Scott's ZModem or Super Zmodem), a file transfer client that featured a multitasking interface, and Door Driver, a toolkit for creating BBS games. Scott also wrote his own BBS software from scratch, and used it to run a BBS called the "Not-Yet-Named BBS".

Recent History:

With the Internet came the transition from the BBS community to the World Wide Web. At the time, web space was at a premium, and newsgroups were seen as a great way to transfer files around without incurring the bandwidth charges that a website typically entailed. The next SB-Software program was the hugely popular "SBNews / News Robot" automatic newsgroup downloader.

SBNews was designed to run unattended overnight, and download entire newsgroups to your computer. When spam started to become a problem, SBNews gained built in spam filtering capabilities. When large files, such as mpeg and mp3 files, became popular, SBNews gained the capability to reassemble these large files. SBNews remains a dominant and popular newsgroup downloader to this day due to it's rock solid performance, and user friendly interface.

The logical successor to SBNews is Android Newsgroup Downloader, which is designed specifically for downloading large multipart binaries. Note that it has nothing to do with the Android operating system, as the name predates the Android OS.

To be continued...