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... download movies or music from the alt.binaries newsgroups
... sort through a large image collection
.. edit a save game file from my favorite game
... play some classic arcade games

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Welcome to the SB-Software current projects listing! This listing includes all products that are part of the SB-Software package deal. You can find a ton of useful shareware programs below. My line of Internet tools are among some of my most popular products, and have been a favorite of internet users for many years. The image viewers have many user-friendly features. The SB-Software package deal provides you with a lifetime registration code that gives you access to all versions (past, present, and future!) of the software below!

News Downloaders

Android Newsgroup Downloader

My latest newsgroup downloader, designed especially for downloading large files such as mpeg, mp3, rar, etc. Also make an excellent picture downloaded. Queue-oriented downloader only downloads what you select.

SBNews News Robot

My award-winning program for automated downloading of information from binary newsgroups. Many special features including special Anti-Spam features and fully automatic unattended operation. Works with all types of binary files, including images (jpeg/gif/bmp), archives, movies, sound files, etc.

Image Viewers and Image Tools


An easy to use tool for sorting pictures into multiple categories and performing automatic duplicate image checking. New!

SBJV Image Viewer

SBJV is a standalone version of the image viewer that's built into SBNews. SBJV is designed to be very easy to use and still offer many special features, including one-click file categorization, image catalog generation, thumbnail viewers, slideshow support, and much more!

SB Image Explorer

SB Image Explorer is a special thumbnail image viewer that looks and feels like the Windows-95 explorer. It's designed to be easy to use and allow drag-and-drop file categorization. Windows XP has made Image Explorer obsolete to an extent, but for older versions of windows, Image Explorer can give you XP-like thumbnail viewing features.


Generates HTML image index pages. Pages are suitable for browsing on your own computer, or may be uploaded to a website.
A viewer designed to store your image collection offsite using a storage service called S3.

Aviation Software

ForPilots Logbook

ForPilots Logbook is a computerized logbook program designed to let you make an electronic version of your pilot logbook.

ForPilots Pocket Test

A practice exam for the Aviation Private Pilot Test. Good for practicing the test while you're on the go.

ForPilots Pocket Checklist

A checklist program designed by pilots for pilots. It's also good for other checklist uses, such as grocery shopping, etc.

Other stuff...

Expert Tools Special Purpose and Expert Tools. These are seldom used things which I've put up for those who might need just that special tool... Probably of no use to the average user.
PocketPC Software I've been writing the occasional PocketPC program. Most of them are small special purpose things, but if you have a PocketPC, maybe you can find something useful there...
Old Stuff There are some other programs that I've written that are no longer being developed -- mostly things that are obsolete, but some fit a special purpose that you might still need.

Desktop Gadgets


Binary Clock

Scott's Binary Clock is a cool little gadget for your windows desktop that displays a clock in binary. Dazzle and impress with your friends with the clock that you can read but they can't!

Nixie Tube Clock

Yet another free clock for your windows desktop. This one displays the time in ultra-cool looking nixie tube and VFD displays.

Wallpaper Switcher


System Tray tool to automatically (or manually) switch and control your wallpaper. "Boss Key" feature to quickly hide wallpaper and replace it with a stock windows wallpaper.


A small easy to use player designed to work with xmradio.

Website Downloaders

SBWcc Web Camcorder

Originally called "WebCamCorder" because I designed it to download from webcams, SBWcc has grown to much more! Capable of downloading anything from a single file to spidering an entire website.

Personal Information Tools

ePassBook Password Repository

An encrypted password book for you to store your passwords and other information. This program arose out of my own need to have a good place to put all of my passwords that was secure and encrypted.

Website Tools

DNS Watcher

DNS Watcher is a tool for webmasters to use to monitor their DNS servers and ensure that the servers are providing the correct DNS records.

SMTP Watcher

Like DNS Watcher, but for SMTP. It sits in the system tray, notices when your SMTP server has stopped working, and alerts you to the problem.

DNS Query

DNS Query is a Windows GUI dns resolver similar to the linux dig or nslookup commands.

SBLog Web Log Analyzer

SBLog is a full-featured log analysis tool for web sites. It generates a html format report showing which files and directories are popular, as well as time and date ordered statistics to show what trends are developing. You can also see which users download the most files and generate the most traffic.


Shows latency and throughput statistics from fetching a URL from a website. Useful to determine how a website is performing. Plots a graph over time.

Email Tools

SBPop Email Notification

A lightweight and easy to use mail notification tool to let you know whenever new email messages arrive to your account. Supports multiple mail servers and audio notifications.


Groovy Hex Editor

Groovy Hex Editor is a fun and very easy to use hex editing program. You can load a binary file, and then it it hexadecimal, decimal, binary, etc. An easy-to-use non-nonsense utility.


A full-featured client for the Radio Shack WX-200 weather station. Supports LAN/Internet connectivity to allow you to broadcast your weather data to every computer in your house (or even onto the Internet!). A must if you own a Radio Shack WX-200 weather computer.

SBHisto Histogram Generator

Create histograms from ASCII data files. A fairly simple tool, but comes in handy if you're doing scientific work.

Visual Directory Explorer

Displays a pie chart showing how much space is used in each directory on your hard drive. I find that I'm always running out of disk space -- if you have a similar problem, then this program is for you!

Quick Number Base Converter

A quick and easy little system tray application that lets you convert between hex, decimal, binary, octal, ascii, and RGB colors. freeware.

Windows Start Program Manager

Manage (and remove!) those pesky programs that startup automatically when your computer boots up. Sure beats having to use registry tools like regedit.

Lansonic Remote Control

System tray remote control application for the Lansonic Digital Audio Server.

Arcade and RPG Games

Astro Hunter 3D Deluxe

An awesome new 3D asteroid shooter arcade video game. Raytraced graphics, lots of powerups and unique enemies.

Political Invaders

Blast the politicians with pies!

Scott's Space Invaders

A cool new Space Invaders style arcade game.
Like the classic Missile Command video game, but with updated graphics.
Your desktop icons have gone crazy! Blast them before they blasy you!

The Cerberus Incident

You've been assigned to a mysterious research station. Somethings about to go terribly wrong... Can you stop the Cerberus experiment?

My registration policy is simple, one registration pays for everything on this page -- you get it all! Registrations are always good for life and apply to all versions of the software -- past, present, and future! I am continually adding new software and improving existing programs, so check this page often.

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