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Ver 1.6, Nov 17, 2006

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Groovy Hex Editor is an editor for editing binary files. It's compatible with any type of file, including text documents, save game files, program executables, data files, etc. I've tried to make Groovy Hex Editor very easy to use, and give it a user friendly and cool looking color scheme. You can download it for free, and try it out for an unlimited period of time.

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Recent New Features

Here's a run-down of some of the new features introduced in the recent upgrades:

  • New bookmark editor takes the place of the not-very-useful hex keypad.
  • Added settings menu
  • Added color and display settings
  • Optional Blinky or Fixed cursor
  • Change highlighting (things you modify change color, so you can easily notice them)
  • shrink-to-system tray option
  • string sifter and VFD displays added to tools menu

Beta Versions



Groovy Hex Editor is a tool for editing binary formats. I've paid particular attention to making it colorful and easy to use and tried to give it a cool looking color scheme (hence the name "groovy" hex editor).

It's a fully functional hex editor with many advanced features. You can toggle the display between hex and decimal, and there is a built in inspector that easily lets you see the hex, decimal, and binary equivalents of a group of bytes at once.

You can easily control the number of bytes displayed per line, and the number of bytes per group. This make is excellent for viewing various data types (bytes, words, long words, etc)

Click the screen shot above to view a full size version

Edit in hex, decimal or ascii
Display data in various byte sizes - byte, work, long word, etc
Object inspector shows current word in ascii, binary, decimal, hex simultaneously
Cool string sifter tool to find and summarize all of the ascii strings
Built in bookmark feature allows you to mark-up placeholders in your binary files that you can quickly get back to.

ePassBook password repository is a tool to keep all of your passwords in a convenient encrypted file.
Scott's Binary Clock is a cool looking binary clock for your windows desktop.