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... download movies, music, or cd images from the alt.binaries newsgroups
... download pictures from alt.binaries newsgroups
... find a newsreader that supports an encrypted usenet service
... download entire websites to my home computer
... sort through a large image collection
.. edit a save game file from my favorite game
... play some classic arcade games

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Please check the individual software pages for information on updates. You can get to all of the software pages from the SB-Software Products Page. This 'whats new' page is not updated on every software release, and that is why you should check the software pages for update information.

February 13, 2013: Working on some new features for Android Newsgroup Downloader. The first will be the ability to import NZB files as a "virtual newsgroup". The idea is to let users download an NZB from one of the popular NZB search sites and then import it into Android for downloading, eliminating the need to download the full set of headers for the groups you're interested in. Expecting to have a beta on this in the next few days.

July 28, 2010: New release of Android Newsgroup Downloader.

June 23, 2010: Scott's Router Monitor added to expert tools section.

Nov 8, 2006: I wrote a new tool, called XMicroplayer that connects to the xm online service and plays xm radio on your PC.

June 15, 2007: I've written a new utility, S3Viewer. It's a remote picture viewer designed to interface with the Amazon S3 service and let you store your pictures offline rather than storing them on your local hard drive.

June 7, 2007: New versions of SBNews, QuadNews, Android, and Vortex. I've made improvements to the Windows Vista compatibility of all four newsreaders. The 'Explore download directory' commands should now work correctly under Vista.

Jan 30, 2007: A new version of QuadSucker/Web has been released that adds automatic retries. It also fixes a few visual glitches that were appearing under Vista.

Jan 17, 2007: SBNews version 10.2 has been released. This is a significant upgrade of SBNews, adding support for SSL usenet, and redesigning many of the dialog boxes for a more modern look. At this point, all SB-Software newsreaders now support secure usenet access.

Jan 12, 2007: SBPop has been updated. SBPop is a useful little utility for monitoring incoming email messages and has enjoyed a strong following over the years. It's been updated to support SSL connections and should now work with gmail.

Jan 11, 2007: New version of Android Newsgroup Downloader has been released, version 5.6. It improves encrypted usenet service and offers better support for downloading of incomplete files.

Dec 15, 2006: New beta version of SBNews: News Robot is available. It includes support for encrypted usenet, looks better under Windows Vista, and fixes a few other issues.

Nov 17, 2006: Groovy Hex Editor has been updated. The not-very-useful hex keypad has been replaced with a bookmark feature that lets you put bookmarks to various offsets inside of the binary file.

Nov 16, 2006: Game updates. Scott's Space Invaders, Ultimate Asteroids, and Beer Asteroids, Invaders, and Blaster have all been updated. An annoying bug was fixed that cause the ship to fire on its own after it was destroyed. The space invaders game has had many tweaks, making it a bit more challenging and entertaining. The space invaders game remains the most popular game on the site, although in my opinion Ultimate Asteroids is still the top.

Nov 15, 2006: SSL support has now been implemented into the current stable releases of Android Newsgroup Downloader, QuadNews, Binary Vortex, QuadWeb, and even SBWcc.

Nov 12, 2006: QuadNews version 4.7 has been released. This is the first official release to include the new support for encrypted usenet access. It also significantly lowers CPU utilization.

Nov 10, 2006: Updated versions of QuadWeb and UltraWeb that add support for SSL connections. Both web downloaders have undergone extensive optimization and now use less than half the amount of memory as before, increasing performance and allowing the downloading of larger web sites.

Nov 7, 2006: Encrypted usenet support has now been added to Binary Vortex as well.

Nov 3, 2006: Encrypted usenet support has been added to Android Newsgroup Download and Quadnews. This has been a highly requested feature by users and I'm happy to say that we do now have versions of the software that support it.

Oct 18, 2006: Two new games join the SB-Software arcade games list. They are Beer Asteroids and Ultimate Asteroids Arcade Pack. Beer asteroids is a remake of the classic Asteroids game, but rather than shooting asteroids, you shoot bottles of beer. Ultimate Asteroids Arcade Pack is a collection of four asteroids-themed arcade games including classic and retro asteroids games, Astro Hunter 3D Deluxe, and a astroblast clone.

Aug 27, 2006: The first game based on my new Role Playing engine, The Cerberus Incident, is now online. It's somewhat limited at this point, and further development will depend a great deal on user feedback.

June 20, 2006: New versions of Binary Vortex, Android Newsgroup Downloader, and QuadNews. Android includes a new vesion of the skin library, which should fix some problems with resource and class-not-found errors. QuadNews adds resize bars to the header selection window, so you can adjust the group list if your group names are not long enough.

Mar 15, 2006: Started work on a new roleplaying game engine. Details to follow as soon as the first game is ready.

Feb 8, 2006: I'm in the process of adding JPEG comment support to the news downloaders and viewers. The new auto-comment features will allow you to store the subject and author of a news article in the jpeg comment section, which can then be displayed in either the built in image viewer or SortPics. So far, I have it done on QuadNews and Binary Vortex. Android will probably be next.

Feb 6, 2006: New program: Scott's JPEG Commenter. It's a small standalone program used to view/edit/create comments in JPEG files. It was mainly a stepping-stone to get the JPEG comment code working for integration into the other products, but it is also useful in it's own right.

Jan 11, 2006: The new year has brought with it a large number of new software releases. Both the QuadSucker tools: QuadWeb and QuadNews have both been updated. Android Newsgroup Downloader continues to receive frequent revisions, including a wealth of new filtering options. An error-at-midnight has been fixed in Scott's Binary Clock. SBNews receives some improvement to the pointers command. Visual Directory Explorer has been updated to recognize keyboard movement in the tree view. Updates are planned for all of the games, starting with Astro Hunter 3D Deluxe, which receives a new scoreboard feature. Binary Vortex gets a message pointer command, like SBNews.

Oct 25, 2005: The website is currently undergoing a redesign... I'm getting rid of the old web pages that have sustained the site for the last few years, and replacing them with fancy new pages crafted in dreamweaver. Let me know at what you think of the new pages!

Oct 25, 2005: Released my latest newsgroup downloader, named Android. Android is a "pick and choose" downloader, similar to the pick and choose mode available in QuadNews. Android has several advantages over QuadNews, including saving headers from one session to the next so they don't have to be re-downloaded, plus keeping track of your queue and history from one session to the next. The software is new, so there's bound to be some bugs, but I'm really excited about the concept as it fixes a number of items that have been inconvenient in my previous downloaders, especially when dealing with very large newsgroups.

October, 2005: As usually, the "what's new" page has been falling behind actual new events. This month saw new versions of QuadNews, QuadWeb, and Binary Vortex.

August, 2005: New versions of SortPics, Scott's Binary Clock, and Visdir.

August, 2005: Added a new game to the games lineup: When Icons Attack.

July 13, 2005: New versions of Scott's Space Invaders, Political Invaders, and Astro-Hunter 3D Deluxe. All with joystick support now included.

July 4, 2005: Update: Groovy Hex Editor 1.4. Now includes filename in caption, and command line option to load file.

July 3, 2005: New versions of Scott's Space Invaders and Political Invaders, including configurable keyboard like Astro Hunter 3d.

July 1, 2005: Update: Astro-Hunter 3D Deluxe. New features include configurable keyboard controls and better error handling. Look for new versions of Scott's Space Invaders and Political Invaders in the next couple of days...