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SBPop automatically polls your internet mailbox for incoming mail. If new mail is detected, it can sound an audio alert and/or flash it's icon to let you know that mail is available.

SBPop has been recently updated with some significant new features, including support for SSL email access. Please send any bug reports or feature suggestions to

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What is a POP server?

There are three technologies for email: POP3, WebMail, and IMAP. POP3 is the most popular technology and is supported by many webmail servers (such as gmail). A POP3 server is basically the computer that your home or office PC connects to in order to retrieve your email.

What does SBPOP do?

SBPop sits in your windows system tray (the little bar that runs across the bottom of your windows desktop). It constantly monitors your email server and when a new email arrives on the server, it will display a flashing indicator and optionally play an email notification sound.

Can I configure the sounds?

Yes, you can select a generic email notification sound for all email messages, or select different sounds for different senders. In addition, you can set the sounds to play only once, or to play constantly.

Does SBPOP support secure / SSL email?

Yes, SBPOP supports secure SSL email servers. This allows it to work with google gmail.

How do I get SBPop to work with Google Gmail ?

First you will need to enable POP support on the google website. Do this by logging into your gmail account online, clicking the "settings" link and then find and click a link called "forwarding and pop". Gmail's pop support appears to be disabled by default, so you'll need to click one of the radio buttons to turn it on. Finally, to configure SBPop to use gmail, you want to use as the server name and make sure to check the "SSL" box.

Note that google doesn't automatically remove the email from the POP mailbox when you read it through the google web client. This probably limits how useful SBPop will be for you, unless you are also using another client (such as outlook express) to read and clear the messages from the POP mailbox.

Screen Shot
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Fast Facts and Features
  • Can be placed in windows system tray / taskbar.
  • Plays sounds when email is received.
  • Can be set to play custom sounds for custom senders.
  • Works with email services that support POP3, including google gmail.
  • Optimized for Windows XP and Vista.

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