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Ver 1.3, Nov 16, 2006

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SBHttp is a quick and useful tool that I wrote to measure the performance of a web server. It does this by retrieving a web page via HTTP and recording the throughput and latency of the transfer.

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Would you like to know more about SBHttp Website Statistics, and how it can help you benchmark your web site ?

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What does it do?

SBHttpStat computes latency and throughput statistics based on transferring a file from an HTTP server to your computer. It could be used in some cases to evaluate the performance of a server and/or the ISP that you are connecting through. You could probably use it to compare performance of different modems, ISDN, direct links, etc as well. I wrote this thing mainly to introduce myself to Borland C++ builder, and to serve a very specific need I had, so it's really not a "general purpose" sort of utility. Nevertheless, if you need something to measure latency and throughput statistics, it'll do it for you!

SBHttp is good for evaluating the performance of your web server or internet connection. For example, I used it recently to see how my Sprint Broadband connection was performing back when I lived in tucson. It helped me diagnose a problem with a bad connection.

It's also quite useful for verifying the performance of a web server. You could, for example, let it run for 24 hours and then look at the graph to see if your web server performance has been varying throughout the day.

What special features does SBHttp have?

  • Displays results in a scrolling graph
  • Able to request any URL that you want
  • Shows min, max, and average

How well has it been tested?

It hasn't been tested much. It's a pretty simple program, so there's not a whole lot that could go wrong! If you do notice any problems, then please email me at email address.

Screen Shot
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Fast Facts and Features
  • Benchmarks web sites to see how fast pages can be retrieved
  • Runs automatically
  • Generates graph of throughput and latency
  • Supports SSL (https) websites