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Visual Directory Explorer is a tool that I wrote to help me clean up my hard drive. It presents a pie chart (or optionally, a bar chart) where each slice is a subdirectory on your computer. Clicking a slice in the pie chart brings up a pie chart of that subdirectory, allowing you to recurse. I use it to figure out which programs are taking up too much space, so I know what to get rid of!

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More information about Visual Directory Explorer:

Your hard drive is full -- what do you do? With the windows operating system, it can be incredibly difficult to figure out which programs are using up your disk space and how to free them. Sure, the install/uninstall program wizard tries to estimate how much space is used up by a program, but it's not always correct.

For example, one time I was running out of disk space, and after running VisDir, I noticed that my anti-virus software had over 300 megabytes of quarantined files in it's quarantine section (hey, I get an awful lot of spam being a shareware author...). Want another example? One day I found that Windows XP was wasting an ungodly amount of space by holding on to service pack files that it didn't need to.

Visual Directory Explorer performs a quick analysis of your hard drive and calculates how much space each directory and file is occupying this. It presents this in two formats:

  1. a "tree" display which mirrors the file and directory layout on your hard drive, and
  2. a graphical "pie chart" (or bar chart) display that presents, in human terms, how much space is being used up.s
Screen Shot
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Fast Facts and Features
  • Display pie, bar, or horizontal bar charts
  • Free download
  • Find which programs are hogging space on your hard drive

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