Old Projects

Land Of Devastation

Land of Devastation is a bbs role playing game. For more information, as well as access to the Reglook registration lookup database, click here.

Super Galactic Warzone

Super Galactic Warzone is intended to supersede the original Galactic Warzone. It is a complete rewrite with an entirely new design structure. For more information, click here.

Galactic Warzone

Many people have asked where they can find a copy of the original Galactic Wazrone. Click here and wait no longer.

SBH2A: Html-to-Ascii Utility

A utility designed to convert HTML files into plain ascii text, while leaving most of the formatting intact. I use it so I can write my documentation in HTML format, yet still distribute it in plain-ascii for those who don't use HTML yet. For more information, click here.

Online BBS's hosting my Games

This section is for links to online 'telnet' bulleting boards that host some of the old games that I wrote. If you'd like a link placed to your site, contact me at smbaker@sb-software.com

Galactic Warzone

Star Trek Quotes

I've had this old list of Star Trek quotes for a long time -- back from the bbs days, I believe. Click here to view them.


Satellite tracking for the Meade LX-200 computerized telescope. In addition to tracking satellites, you can also control your scope functions through a user-friendly point and click interface.


A slot machine simulation package for Windows-95 based on real world slot machine data. There is both a numerical simulator to show you the real odds that a machine supports as well as a Direct3D Slot Machine game just for fun!


Railroad screensaver for Windows-95 that displays a high-quality scrolling train with scenery across your screen.


Designed to monitor the function of the LM78 chip on new motherboards -- shows CPU temperature, voltage, etc.


HTTP Statistics program designed to verify your connection latency and throughput to a given web server.

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