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Welcome to the binary clock picture page. Binary Clocks are awesome! Below are several pictures of Scotts Binary Clocks showing the various modes and sizes that can be displayed:

binary clock with black background

red leds amber leds small binary clock
green leds blue leds
horizontal binary clock

small horizontal clock

You can select the different displays by right-clicking on the clock and selecting "settings". You can also change your LED style between round, square, and rectangular. The round style looks the best though.

I've also added a couple more backgrounds for people who don't like the default flat black background:

binary clock with brushed aluminum background
Brushed Aluminum

binary clock with mahogany background

binary clock with transparent background

The LEDs used real photo images that I took of some old contraption that I had laying around... I'm thinking about adding some more displays -- maybe clocks with green or blue LEDs, or rectangular LEDs. It'll really depend on how many people are interested in this project, and how many responses I receive. If you'd like to see any custom features in the clock, then send me an email at .

The clock can be configured to "stay on top" of other windows, and can be configured to auto-load on startup. The small LED clock formats are perfect for displaying in the lower-right corner of your screen.

You can choose whether you want the clock to display in binary or BCD. BCD is the easier format to read, but not as "pure" as the binary format. I've put together an illustrated page that tells you how to read a binary clock.

Best of all, this clock is completely free for noncommercial use -- there are no annoying nags, limitations, expirations, or other nuisances to deal with.