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Several news providers have brought out encrypted usenet news services. These services work by using the secure sockets layer (SSL) to encrypt nntp, the same type of encryption that is used when accessing a secure website.

By using an encrypted news service, the connection between your computer and the news server will be encrypted. All data passed from the news server to your computer, or from your computer to the news server is encrypted, ensuring your privacy and security. This includes your news server username and password, articles, and headers.

SSL support has been incorporated into the stable release version of Android, version numbers 5.4 and above. You can download the current version of Android, including support for encrypted usenet, at the Android home page.

The encryption support is activated by using a checkbox in the account configuration page:

Please be sure that your news server does support encrypted usenet before enabling the encrypted usenet checkbox, otherwise Android will not be able to connect to the server.

The encryption support is new. I really need feedback as to how well it works. Please report any news -- good or bad -- to

Important: Not all news servers support encrypted usenet. In fact, many of them charge an extra fee to enable encrypted usenet. Please be sure that your news server supports encrypted usenet before attempting to enable an encrypted connection within Android. If you turn on encryption inside Android, and your news server does not support encrypted usenet access, then the connection will fail.

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