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This section contains press releases and new feature announcements.


Windows Vista Support

I've tested Android under Windows Vista and found that Android functions correctly. There are a few minor issues that you should be aware of, and this page describes the differences between running Android under XP and Vista.


Support for Encrypted Usenet (SSL NNTP connections)

Android includes beta support for using secure news connections. For news servers that permit encrypted connections, this allows Android to encrypt all traffic between your computer and the news server.


Drag-and-Drop and File Association support for NZB files

Android now makes importing NZB files even easier with new drag&drop and file association support.


Bandwidth Counters keep track of consumed bandwidth

The bandwidth counters keep a running total of how many bytes you have received. Many people have asked for a feature like this, so they know how much of their allotted they have consumed from their news server in a given month.


NZB File Support in the Android Newsgroup Downloader

Android version 4.2 and above includes support for importing NZB files directly where they will be automatically downloaded.


Android supports up to 10 simultaneous news server connections

Version 4.2 increases the number of simultaneous connections up to 10 from the previous 5.


The Advanced Newsgroup Article Chooser Filter

Use the advanced filter dialog to perform additional filtering of the articles that are displayed in the newsgroup article chooser.


The "Since Last Session" newsgroup pointer filter

Use this feature to have Android remember where you left off in the Article Chooser


The Throughput-O-Meter

It's a cool looking graph of your newsgroup downloader performance.


The "Post File as Multiple Parts" wizard

Android now has the ability to automatically post large files (such as mpeg views, MP3s, etc).


The New Android Skinned User Interface

Android's UI has been revamped and redesigned to give it a fancy modernized look.


Android's built-in Newsreader

Android includes a built-in newsreader that allows you to read and reply to newsgroup messages.