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Version 4.2 of Android introduces support for the NZB file extension. NZB files are a sort of "index file" for newsgroup posts, and were made popular by the newzbin service. The advantage of an NZB file is that you can use an indexing service (like newzbin) to search for the files you are looking for, and then save an NZB file, which can then be imported into Android. Android will then download all of the files are contained in the NZB file.

Another use for NZB files is that many people are including a .NZB file when they post their message to the server. This means that you can download the NZB file into Android, and get exactly what the poster intended to post, with all of the multi-part pieces intact.

Here is an example of the NZB import dialog:

This particular dialog shows a CD image of Ubuntu linux from As you can see, all of the individual files contained in the NZB are listed. You can check/uncheck the ones you want, and then effortlessly import them into Android. Android also includes a "validate" feature that will quickly scan a news server and make sure that all of the parts of the NZB file are present on the server.

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