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Version 5.1 of Android makes downloading NZB files even easier with a couple of NZB integreation features. If you've downloaded an NZB files with another program (shame on you!), then you can simply drag and drop it into Android and Android will download the files referenced by the NZB file.

Similarly, I've added a new file association feature, so that you can choose to associate Android Newsgroup Downloader with the .NZB file extension. Thus, whenever you double-click an NZB file in windows explorer, you can set Android to pop-up and import the NZB file so that it can be downloaded.

Of course, Android maintains the fully-integrated NZB file support that it has always had. For example, when you download an NZB file, you can simple double-click the file in Android's Queue or History pages and Android will import the NZB file.

Below is a view of Android's "Import NZB file" dialog box. It shows a CD image from the Ubuntu linux distribution from the newsgroup being imported into Android Newsgroup Downloader.

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