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Android includes a built in Newsreader. When I say "newsreader", I'm making a slight technical distinction between the downloader functionality that Android uses to download files from binary newsgroups, and the newsreader functionality that let's an end-user, such as yourself, read and reply to messages in the newsgroup. The newsreader part of Android is useful, as it allows you to take part in discussions, to reply to questions posted by other users, to post requests asking for certain files, etc.

Let's take a look at Android's built in newsreader feature. It's access by going to the Article chooser page:

Above you can see that I've opened Android's article chooser on the newsgroup "" and done a search for "Threshold", a TV show that I was going to watch the right before I started preparing this document. To read a news article, use the <Read> button, and you'll get a display that looks like this:

Egads! The show I was trying to watch has (apparently). Oh well, big loss there. I guess I'll just spend some more time writing Android press releases. Now, if you want to participate in the discussion, then you can use the <Reply> button, which will quote the message you're currently reading, and get a reply all ready for you to type your text into and send.

Then you hit the <Post> button and your message will be off on it's merry way to the newsgroup.

There you have it... The newsreader features in Android make it useful for reading and replying to messages newsgroups! Android isn't just for binary newsgroups, it's useful for discussion groups as well! Best of all, the features are built right into Android, so you're really getting a free newsreader that you didn't even know you had!

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