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Version 4.0 of Android introduces the new advanced filter options for the article chooser. The advanced filter options allow you to further control what appears in the article chooser window, eliminating those news messages that you wish to avoid. The advanced filter dialog is composed of several pages of filter settings:


The general page includes general options.

The hide incomplete messages option allows you to hide multi-part news articles that are missing some parts.


The Black List is a string-based filter that lets you enter a series of text strings that will cause articles to be excluded from the chooser.

This is useful for eliminating SPAM or otherwise offensive messages. You can add the 'from' name of the spammer to exclude his posts, or you can pick out part of the spammer's subject line and exclude that.


The article size filter allows you to filter messages based on the size (bytes) of the article. A built in calculator converts between bytes, kilobytes, and megabytes.

If, for example, you're only interested in downloading large MPEG movie files, you could set the minimum byte filter to a large number, causing smaller files to be ignored.

Similarly, if what you're looking for are smaller picture files, try using the maximum byte filter to eliminate the larger mpeg/mp3 files from the group.

New options will continue to be added to the advanced filter dialog. You're welcome to email any suggestions to me at

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