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Android version 4.2 and above allows up to 10 simultaneous connections. While news servers that allow 10 connections are still a bit rare at this time, the popular Giganews service does allow 10 connections, and the new limit in Android allows Android to fully support this feature of Giganews.

The default number of threads that Android ships with is 3, which is generally a safe limit for most news servers. I always recommend that people start with the default setting of 3, try it out for a while, and then go higher or lower depending on the performance they experience. If you start receiving a number of suspicious-looking errors ("connection limit reached", "too many connections for user xxx", etc), then you need to throttle the limit back down a bit.

Generally, I recommend limiting the number of simultaneous connections to 5 (assuming your server supports that many). Going above 5 connections does not yield a significant performance benefit for most users, and tempts many servers to throw connection limit error messages at you.

Nevertheless, if you do have a news service like giganews that allows up to 10 connections, then you might want to experiment with raising Android's connection limit up that high, to see what kind of performance you can gain. Android's "worker status" page will show you how the connections are being utilized, and the throughput-o-meter will give you a good indicate of the throughput that you're achieving.

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